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Matthew has delivered drama, storytelling and history based workshops for schools, colleges and historic sites for over fifteen years. He can deliver a wide array of curriculum based storytelling and historical character led visits to schools focussing on interactive learning and engagement through roleplay and drama games. 

He has worked as part of Sandford Award winning education team at Historic Royal Palaces and showcased dramatic approaches to historical learning in front of the Duchess of Cambridge on her visit to open Hampton Court’s Magic Gardens in May 2016. 

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If you are interested in having Matthew bring a historical character to your school or heritage site please get in touch via the contact page. The following are examples of storytelling and character led sessions Matthew can deliver: 


Snorri Sturluson (1222) - Viking raids and conquest, Scandinavian culture and Norse myths and legends 

Roger Mortimer (1307) – unpacks the English campaigns to conquer Wales and Scotland up to 1314 and what it was like to serve The Hammer of the Scots. 

Watt Tyler (1381) – describes the hardships motivating the Peasants’ Revolt in a land that suffered under the Black Death.  

Edmund Campion (1581) – the life and trials of a Jesuit priest, unpacking the English Reformation and Counter Reformation (Henry VIII to Elizabeth I) 

Charles Darwin (1858) – Describes his voyage aboard the HMS Beagle, explaining the experiences that went into shaping his ideas to write ‘On The Origin of Species’. 

Alfred Maudslay (1902) - The British archaeologist and expert on the Mayan civilization c. AD 900. 

Howard Carter (1923) – The British archaeologist and Egyptologist describes his great discovery of the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun "King Tut the boy king of Egypt". 

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