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Matthew is passionate about the craft of storytelling and the power of up close performance work. He can be found every Halloween telling atmospheric Ghost Stories from MR James to Edgar Allan Poe at sites such as Brodsworth Hall, Audley End House, and Belsay Hall.

He has told historical tales of heroes like William Marshal at Lincoln Castle, Welsh myths from the Mabinogion at Caerphilly Castle and medieval morality tales as a returning crusader knight at Dover Castle.

Matthew delivers in school visits as a storyteller, focussing on all aspects of the art from unpacking how to craft a narrative for literacy work, to telling folk tales from England and across the world to highlight its place in cultural expression. There is no better way to understand another culture than listening to the stories they tell.


With school groups Matthew can explore myths and legends of ancient cultures from Norse tales of Thor, to Mayan myths of the hero twins or the ancient Greek and Roman tales of Hercules and the Gods and everything in-between. For younger children Matthew can tell animal stories from around the world like the African tales of When Hippo was Hairy.

But Matthew enjoys telling tales for adults too regularly running Ghost Tours of London, immersing visitors in the spirits and supernatural lore of the capital.

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To book a School or Heritage site visit please get in touch via the Contact page.

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