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Matthew spent his final year at the University of Kent training in directing under Paul Allain and Katie Mitchell, associate director of the National Theatre. He has directed plays, immersive and corporate events and short films. For six years he was the in house director of public engagement events at the Tower of London, staging both up close immersive drama and large scale spectaculars.

Here are a few of Matthew’s previous productions:

  • The Winter of Discontent ‘A Medieval Christmas’ – All the pomp and pageantry of King Richard III’s last Christmas alive as his court plot to bring him down.

  • Silver for the Sovereign – A full scale riot across a castle based on an incident in Sir Isaac Newton’s time in charge of the Royal Mint.

  • The Joust – A Tudor Joust at Hampton Court Palace, working alongside the incredible jousting team of Griffin Historical.

  • Attack the Tower – A medieval besieging of the Tower of London.

  • Henry’s Sporting Academy – A family friendly Tudor games event featuring courtly dance, wrestling, falconry and sword play.

  • The Necromancer – Immersive horror event based on the work of HP Lovecraft staged at Treowen House in Monmouthshire.

  • My Sister in This House – Play by Wendy Kesselman at the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury.

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