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Drowning Rock

Ocean Water
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Drowning Rock is a ghostly play inspired by the terrors of the sea mixing Cornish legends, tales of shipwrecks and the Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft…

Performed at Camden People's Theatre

( for their Halloween season - 16th October - 4th November 2012.

Now silent in a nursing home his mind all but gone, James Hawker’s journal tells the secrets of his time at the desolate lighthouse of Drowning Rock with its keeper George Roper and an oddly silent youth named Jim. Those rocks are known by the Cornish as the black spot of the seas, where the devil himself controls the waves. Hawker goes there to discover the fate of his father, a wreck diver, who spent most of his life searching beneath those dark waters for the lost sunken land of Lyonesse, and drowned when his vessel sank without trace. For down the rocky Giant’s Steps, underneath the waves, there are secrets only hinted at by the local myths of mermaids and witchcraft.


Tormented by visions of his father and by glimpses of a woman who appears out on the stormy rocks at night, Hawker searches for answers. Why are there chains set by the water’s edge? Why are fish left in neat rows each morning? What is the terrible shadow at the heart of Drowning Rock?

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